OREANDA-NEWS. Fujitsu announced that it has added an Enterprise Edition to its INTARFRM series of products, an application framework that assists in developing customer ICT systems. The Enterprise Edition is a suite of products that separates the front end (visual interface) from the back end (business processing), making it easier to keep pace with fast-changing front-end technologies while maximizing the lifespan of back-end assets.

This product supports development using HTML5 and jQuery, providing functions for developing and running interactive and expressive web applications.

It also provides a mechanism for managing information prone to specification changes - such as screen transitions, screen layouts, and attributes of on-screen elements - through definition files. This makes it easy to change the way applications run without changing their source code, improving maintainability and helping developers keep pace with fast-changing front-end design concepts.

The advent of smartphones and tablets has created a demand for websites that have polished, usable front ends, even in corporate systems, that offer "direct manipulation," "expressiveness and visual appeal," and "low-stress operation." A growing number of departments in the field are calling for ways to use expressive, interactive front end technology so that they can work more efficiently, without changing back-end business processing.

HTML5 is the latest standard for browsers, and jQuery is a library for JavaScript that is available on the Internet. Both of these are increasingly being used for more expressive and interactive front ends. But in the absence of any standards for development procedures, developing web applications in HTML5 and jQuery that can run in different browsers and on different devices results in long development times and hard-to-maintain code. This has made broad application frameworks for HTML5 and jQuery a necessity.

INTARFRM Enterprise Edition RIA Java Ajax V4 is a front-end application framework that supports HTML5 and jQuery, and consists of INTARFRM Development Facility Enterprise Edition RIA Java Ajax V4, with development-support functions, and INTARFRM Runtime Enterprise Edition RIA Java Ajax V4, with executable functions. It assists in development web applications with rich user experiences that can run on both personal computers and tablets.