OREANDA-NEWS. December 05, 2013. FSUE “Rosmorport” General Director A.V. Tarasenko made a working visit to Sochi Seaport.

During the trip Andrey Tarasenko took part in the extended meeting chaired by Deputy Minister of Transport V.A. Olerskiy to discuss provision of cruise vessels mooring in Sochi Seaport during the winter games in 2014.

Among the participants of the meeting were representatives of vessel owners, crews of the freighted vessels, representatives of the federal and territorial executive bodies, enterprises and organizations participating in the preparation and organization of the winter games. The agenda of the meeting included issues, such as provision of safe mooring and transportation security at the berths of Sochi Seaport, vessel agenting, organization of registration and access of guests to cruise vessels.

In the framework of the trip schedule General Director together with representatives of the vessels owners visited the cargo area of Sochi Seaport in the Mzymta River estuary. During the inspection they discussed disposition of vessels, issues of connecting vessels to public utilities and providing transportation security in Sochi Seaport durig the winter games 2014.