Vehicles and transport equipment manufacture

01.07.2022, 14:33
Almaz-Antey Announces Quitting International Ratings of Arms Producers
27.06.2022, 13:53
U.S. automakers are raising prices for their electric vehicles to offset rising component costs.
21.06.2022, 10:47
Aeroflot's subsidiary company A-Technics is going to develop aircraft spare parts.
27.05.2022, 12:56
Russia is creating a coastal missile system for the Zircon hypersonic cruise missile, TASS reports citing sources.
06.05.2022, 11:35
According to preliminary plans, the first «green» car can be presented as early as 2024.
18.04.2022, 15:15
The American magazine Popular Mechanics published an article that reported that the United States was three to six years behind Russia and China in hypersonic weapons.
08.04.2022, 11:43
At the initial stage, Porsche cars will be produced in Malaysia for the domestic market, and in the future the company will establish exports to other Asian countries.
31.03.2022, 11:07

Musk clarified that in Canada, payment is made for charging time, and not for kWh, and promised to change this rule.

17.02.2022, 14:19
In January, sales of new Lada cars in the EU soared 2.5 times in annual terms. Europeans bought 154 cars, according to data from the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA).
19.01.2022, 15:26

The Prosecutor's Office of the State of California (USA) has charged the driver of a Tesla car with manslaughter for a fatal road accident that occurred in 2019.

19.01.2022, 12:00
Shareholders believe that Musk forced the Tesla board of directors to approve a deal with troubled SolarCity, in which he was a major shareholder.
27.12.2021, 11:38

The money should go to the development of components for the MS-21, as well as for further after-sales service of the Russian aircraft.

15.10.2021, 14:02
The Dutch steelmaker ArcelorMittal, the largest in Europe, was forced to restrict production at some of its factories due to too high energy costs.
12.10.2021, 16:29
The Porsche company together with the designer Arthur Car, presented an art car based on the Porsche 968.
23.09.2021, 15:09
Roskosmos has announced a tender to study the problematic issues of organizing manned flights to the Moon.


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