OREANDA-NEWS Tesla owners from Canada complained to the Elon Mask about the cost of refueling. According to them, charging Tesla at Supercharger stations has become expensive and almost equivalent to the price of gasoline. Musk replied that he would figure it out and noted that Supercharger stations do not earn a lot of money for Tesla. Later, he clarified that in Canada, payment is made for charging time, and not for kWh, and promised to change this rule.

The vertical integration of Tesla's business, as industry analysts have repeatedly noted, will allow the company not only to achieve outstanding economic success, but also to overcome various kinds of crisis situations with the supply of raw materials and components. According to Morgan Stanley experts, it is ahead of its competitors in this regard by five or even ten years.

Moreover, by the end of the decade, Tesla can allocate from $200 to $250 billion for the construction of new enterprises, research and development, and such injections will not leave much chance to competitors. Already, the capitalization of the company exceeds the amount of capitalization of the nearest 13 automakers. In principle, capital expenditures in the amount of $250 billion are comparable to the capitalization of the entire Toyota Motor Corporation, the largest automaker in the world. Already, Tesla spends three times more on development in terms of each electric car sold than its closest competitor.