OREANDA-NEWS  The new attachments for machine cleaning of airfields were developed by SUSU specialists as part of a research team. According to scientists, it is designed to clean runways at any time of the year and will become a domestic alternative to imported analogues. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science.

In order to meet modern security requirements, airport ground services must efficiently and in a short time perform work on cleaning and cleaning the runway from various contaminants. For this purpose, various airfield machines are used.

Engineers of the Research Institute "Experimental Mechanical Engineering" of the South Ural State University, together with MADI and the plant "Spetsagregat", have developed attachments for round-the-clock high-speed maintenance of airfield runways with sweeping and blowing equipment. According to the developers, several attachments have been created: a snow removal blade, a brush, a purge unit, a magnetic picker. All this equipment is installed on the chassis of the Ural car.

"We have conducted an analysis of foreign analogues. Then we designed attachments using modern CAD/CAM methods, carried out mathematical modeling and carried out a complex of necessary calculations of components and assemblies, took part in the manufacture and testing of a prototype airfield machine," explained Sergey Taran, Director of the SUSU Computer Engineering Center.

The developed model is equipped with an automated system for monitoring the current state of functional equipment. Such a system makes it possible to improve the quality of operations performed for the maintenance of the airfield surface, the reliability and resource of equipment, and reduce the cost of maintaining the machine.