OREANDA-NEWS  The production of freight cars at Uralvagonzavod halved by the end of 2022, but the decline continued in 2023. Forbes writes about this with reference to the data of the Rollingstock news agency.

Last year, the company produced 7.2 thousand freight cars, its market share decreased from 21.9 to 14.4 percent. In 2021, before the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the plant increased production by 28.4 percent.

One of the reasons for the fall, the publication calls the reorientation to the state defense order. The company often reports on the release of the next batch of tanks. In September, it resumed production of T-80 tanks, and in November it delivered the first batch of covered wagons for the military.

Alexander Polikarpov, Managing Partner of Rollingstock Agency, noted that last year the production of wagons in the country as a whole decreased by 20.5 percent, while the market leader United Wagon Company (UWC) immediately reduced output by 53 percent. Nevertheless, in 2023, civil car building in Russia as a whole increased by 26.3 percent in the first nine months, and Uralvagonzavod separately lost another 25 percent in the same period.