OREANDA-NEWSMore than 419 million records about social network users in various countries were publicly available, including 133 million records with user data from the United States, data from 18 million users from the UK and 50 million from Vietnam. Each entry contained a unique Facebook user ID and a phone number specified in the account owner’s account. The server on which the information was stored was not password protected, and anyone could gain access to the database, the News Agency reports.

Attackers collected data before Facebook disabled the search function on people’s social networks by phone number in Facebook in 2018. About the database, located on the Web in the public domain, said TechCrunch portal researcher in the field of information security Sanyem Jen. Who collected the data about accounts on Facebook, hasn't been able to find out yet. After the News Agency contacted the owners of the server on which the information was posted, the database was removed from public access.

Previously, Facebook users’s personal data ended up in Amazon Cloud Storage and other platforms in April. Then, over 540 million user accounts with comments, likes and account names were publicly available on the Mexican digital platform Cultura Colectiva. The data of another 22 thousand users of the social network, including names, passwords, email addresses, were available in the already defunct At the Pool application.

In March 2018, it became known that the British analytical company Cambridge Analytica collected user data through its Facebook application and used it to place political ads, in particular during the presidential campaign in the United States and the referendum on Britain's exit from the European Union in 2016. Social network founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted the mistake, noting that Facebook didn't do enough to prevent the use of network functionality to the detriment.