OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, will provide subscribers with an opportunity to use Wi-Fi Calling on the Moscow metro. The following agreement has been signed by Tele2 and Maxima Telecom – a single Wi-Fi provider on the city’s transport network.

The companies have agreed to launch the Wi-Fi calling service on the Moscow metro. The Wi-Fi Calling technology allowed using mobile services over active Wi-Fi connection everywhere but underground stations.

In order to start using the service, the subscriber first has to download the application and activate it on the smartphone. When staying on the metro, the passenger should connect to MT_FREE and undergo login procedure after which he will be able to make and take phone calls as usual. No authorization is needed for users of the "Feels like home" service.

Anton Kondratov, chief commercial officer at Tele2 Moscow macroregion:

"The Wi-Fi Calling allows passengers to stay in touch regardless of the network availability. It is very simple to use the service: with the application downloaded, the subscriber can make and take phone calls as well as send SMS just as usual. Our clients have already had a chance to appreciate the technology’s advantages: in just three months after the launch, the application was loaded by over half a million Muscovites."

Boris Volpe, CEO at Maxima Telecom:

"Over 80% Muscovites regularly use free Wi-Fi service on the Moscow metro. Just as millions of our users, we entirely realize a need to make phone calls available on the metro. Having connected to MT_FREE, Tele2 subscribers will be able to not only access high-speed wireless Internet but also make phone calls thanks to the application. We are glad that our infrastructure is becoming a platform for new services, which largely contributes to convenience of the Moscow metro".

Tele2 launched Wi-Fi Calling in November last year. The application allows using mobile services everywhere where Wi-Fi connection is active but where mobile network coverage might be unavailable. All Wi-Fi calls are charged at rates of a domestic region.