OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, is beginning a large-scale digital transformation of business and launching a new corporate website. Moscow and St. Petersburg have become the first regions where the company has entirely changed the design and architecture of the official website.

As a part of the project on creatinga new digital environment, Tele2 is planning to switch a new corporate website, the subscriber’s personal accounts and online shop onto a single high-tech platform. For effective cooperation with users in all online channels the operator has chosen industrial solution Oracle Commerce.

A project on creating a new digital environment has three stages. The first one implies transfer of all regional sites onto a new platform. The operator has already launched a beta-version of a new resource for Moscow and St. Petersburg. By the end of December Tele2 will switch all web portals of the north-west macroregion onto a new platform and at the beginning of 2017, it will renovate all regional resources of the company.

The operator has entirely changed operating principles, design and structure of the corporate website. When creating a new website Tele2 relied on the best world practices and primarily took into account real requirements of users in order to make the website most convenient and easy-to-use for the visitors. To do this, the company has looked into all situations faced by the clients at the operator’s online resources.

Next stages of the project will regard changes of personal cabinet and Tele2 online shop that now operate as independent systems on various platforms. Thus, the company has consolidated all processes for the management of its online channels in a single system based on the state-of-the-art, highly technological platform. In the future, the website will adapt to each client depending on his user profile and lifestyle.

Such approach will let subscriber get all the necessary information easily and fast and make a purchase in a single space that consolidates the corporate website, personal cabinet and the operator’s online store. Besides, integration of this industrial solution will ensure the readiness of Tele2 digital resources to high loads as well as cut expenses on IT infrastructure.

The Wonderfull team has outlined and created the design of a new digital space. The AT consulting was in charge of switching Tele2 regional websites onto a single platform.

Zhanna Shalimova, CEO for Tele2 digital channel:

“During the rapid rollout of high-speed wireless Internet and rapidly growing subscriber base Tele2 is looking for innovation solutions that will let us interact with users at a new level. By implementing a large-scale project on creating a new digital environment, we primarily preceded from the clients’ needs. Thus we created online space where subscriber may solve those tasks he was going to explore at the website fast and by intuition. By following a global trend of online service, Tele2 is focusing on communicating with clients in digital environment. This approach will help improve the quality of service and ease loads on the company’s call centres.”