OREANDA-NEWS. August 02, 2016. VimpelCom, an international communications company and the owner of the Beeline brand, starts deploying Tarantool, a database developed by Mail.Ru Group as a platform for processing online data. Tarantool is expected to make access to billing information tens of times faster, allow for better interactivity of end-user services (including access to personal accounts) and help with shaping better service offers for subscribers depending on their consumer profile. The head contractor for deploying Tarantool at VimpelCom is AT Consulting.

Tarantool is the basis for a data virtualization platform and a number of related applications that were specially developed for VimpelCom. The key features of this platform include subsystems for data versioning and load balancing. This allows to optimize interaction with traditional databases and virtually any other sources, no matter what their interface is like.

Vladimir Savkin, CIO at VimpelCom: "Migration to Tarantool will accelerate the web interface of personal accounts, speed up access to many online services, including parental control, and allow for quicker end-user operations like getting balance information, receiving sms notifications and choosing tariff parameters. Moreover, thanks to the ability to analyze our subscribers' mobile Internet consumption, we'll be able to shape more relevant service offers. Tarantool's high speed of transaction processing and friendly development interface will let us cut our hardware and license costs as well as shorten the time for introducing a number of new data processing features."

Vladimir Gabrielyan, vice-president and CTO at Mail.Ru Group: "We have been using Tarantool for many years in our own projects, and we know that it's an optimal tool for a business with complex infrastructure. Our database with an application server onboard ensures high speed of data processing and great throughput, still keeping the costs on budget. We're pleased that VimpelCom has become our first client in the telecom industry as this is one of the industries where Tarantool can show its best in terms of efficiency and usefulness. "

Sergey Tinyakov, partner at AT Consulting, director for outsourcing practices: "We are proud to be part of this project, which involves the industry's leading companies. The advantage of AT Consulting is that we have extensive experience in telecom deployment projects and expertise in databases. The demand for solutions based on free software, especially for those developed in Russia, is as high as never before. So, I feel very upbeat about Tarantool's market prospects."

Tarantool was developed inside Mail.Ru Group where it has been used internally for nine years now. It combines the speed of a cache (like Memcached or Redis) and the reliability of an industrial database (like Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL). Tarantool is distributed for free under the BSD license. According to the results of Mail.Ru Group's internal tests, Tarantool's performance on the simplest commodity server is a million transactions per second on a single CPU core. One server with Tarantool can replace more than 30 servers with a classical database. [1] As an open-source product, Tarantool is already used in a number of huge Russian and international companies, including Badoo, Avito, QIWI, Wallarm.

[1] According to Mail.Ru Group internal tests