OREANDA-NEWS Apple Distribution International Ltd., registered in Ireland, has opened its representative office in Russia.

The manufacturer of iPhones began to comply with the Russian "landing law" in mid-January, when he registered a personal account on the RKN website. Then it was noted that the company had to create a branch or establish a Russian legal entity.

The IT giant also posted an electronic form on portals icloud.com, apps.apple.com and music.apple.com. Now Apple will, upon request, transmit information about users that is necessary for investigative authorities to disclose cases. Among them are personal data such as, for example, photos and videos uploaded to iCloud.

In July 2021, President Vladimir Putin signed a law obliging foreign companies, whose websites are consistently visited by more than 500,000 Russian users every day, to open representative offices in Russia. Roskomnadzor has published a list of 13 companies that should "land" in Russia in 2022.

Failure to comply with the new rules threatens companies with a ban on advertising and issuance in search results, restrictions on payments and money transfers, as well as — in extreme cases — slowing down traffic and blocking the resource.

Earlier, the "Secret" said that the "landing law" also began to be executed by Viber, Twitter and TikTok. In particular, they have registered personal accounts on the regulator's website. At the same time, TikTok has had its own office in Russia since the summer of 2019.