OREANDA-NEWS. DHL Parcel is the first parcel service provider in Germany to offer customers the opportunity to choose when exactly they would like their parcels delivered. Online shoppers can select a two-hour time window between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM right when they are placing their order. The flexible time-slot delivery service is now available in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and the Ruhr region.

DHL Parcel has been giving customers in more than 50 cities the choice of having their parcels delivered in one of two preferred two-hour evening delivery windows since 2014. They include Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, metropolitan Cologne, all of the Ruhr region, D?sseldorf, Bonn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Dresden and Leipzig. The current service will now be gradually expanded so that by the end of the year parcel recipients in all these cities will also have the option of selecting a two-hour delivery window during the day to receive their items. DHL Parcel will reach some 30 million inhabitants with this new offer, representing nearly one-third of the entire population. No other parcel services provider in Germany offers a comparable range of services with this kind of scope. "We are setting new standards in the parcel delivery industry with our time window delivery service," said Achim D?nnwald, CEO of DHL Parcel. "When it comes to parcel delivery, now more than ever before it's the recipients who are calling the shots. Customers tell us when they are at home and when they would like to receive their items, and we deliver the goods."

Customers can also select a two-hour delivery window between 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM for same-day deliveries. If an order is needed that very same day - like a food product purchase that has to be there when the recipient arrives home from work - it can be delivered as a same-day package. For particularly urgent items such as desperately needed medication, DHL Parcel also offers direct delivery within 90 minutes of ordering in over 50 cities. This is also an attractive option for brick-and mortar and local retailers as an additional solution they can use to win new customers.

"Experience has shown that consumers like the new service and view it as a real added value option," said D?nnwald. "Our goal is to offer recipients the greatest possible flexibility and make their lives easier with simple and easy parcel delivery. This new expansion of our product range underscores yet again our leading position on the German parcel market."