OREANDA-NEWS. ADVA Optical Networking announced today that it has joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and plans to support the newly created Open Optical Packet Transport project group. The new group has been specifically established to develop an open DWDM system that will help the TIP community rapidly expand network deployments and meet the fierce growth in global data demand. ADVA Optical Networking is ideally suited to this challenge. The company has the largest engineering team in the industry already focused on developing open optical transport systems. The ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect(TM) is the ultimate example of this. It's the industry's only open data center interconnect (DCI) technology. Each of the company's engineers will now play a key role in channeling their experience and knowledge into TIP.

"TIP is one of the most ambitious and creative projects I've ever been involved with. My role is to bring all of our team's energy and knowledge to the TIP community through the Open Optical Packet Transport project group," said Niall Robinson, VP, global business development, ADVA Optical Networking. "Our company has worked for many years to develop truly open optical transport systems. It's something that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. We firmly believe that no one company can meet the challenges of tomorrow's connected world and that's why we continuously fight against closed systems. The industry should be an open and collaborative environment - the days of vendor lock-in should be behind us. That's what's so refreshing about TIP. It's a community that shares so many of our ideals. I'm excited to see what we'll achieve together."

Although still in its infancy, TIP's ambitions have already resonated throughout the industry. Its focus on unlocking new efficiencies and innovation in telecom infrastructure is one shared by ADVA Optical Networking. Both organizations realize that openness and collaboration are critical to meeting tomorrow's network demands. Working closely with operators, infrastructure providers and other members of the telecom ecosystem is something ADVA Optical Networking has done for many years. Its team is highly skilled in the development of complete system lifecycles - from design to deployment to network operations. This comprehensive understanding of the optical transport industry will help ADVA Optical Networking to steer the TIP community forward and achieve its goals in the most open and collaborative way possible.

"The networking industry is rapidly evolving, but the pace of innovation and development needs to be even quicker. What slows the industry down is a lack of openness and collaboration - an unwillingness to work together," commented Stephan Rettenberger, VP, marketing and investor relations, ADVA Optical Networking. "TIP sees the inefficiencies here and is building a community where openness and collaboration are embedded in its very identity. This is something that we want to be a part of. Our team has worked hard for many years to ensure that our technology is open. Our FSP 3000 CloudConnect(TM) is a clear indication of this. As a key member of the Open Optical Packet Transport project group, we're uniquely positioned to drive the community forward. We want to ensure that there are no missed steps here and that the community rapidly develops."

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