OREANDA-NEWS. May 30, 2016. The shareholders' meeting of Deutsche Telekom in the Lanxess Arena, Cologne has come to an end. The meeting adopted all of the proposals submitted by the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board. A dividend of 0.55 euros will be paid out to shareholders for 2015.

In keeping with the motto of the shareholders' meeting – Answers for the digital future – the Supervisory Board and Board of Management of Deutsche Telekom were in attendance to answer the questions put to them by shareholders. "Deutsche Telekom is building the network for the gigabit society. In doing so, we are establishing the basis for digitization," explained Telekom CEO Tim H?ttges in his opening remarks. Deutsche Telekom is growing. And doing so on a grand scale." He added that the Group had kept the promise it made last year of creating value for shareholders: The Deutsche Telekom share achieved a return of 30 percent in 2015 based on the price trend and dividend.

Digitization: "A more optimistic approach"
In addition to his review of the financial year just ended, Tim H?ttges took the opportunity to speak about the build-out of networks in Germany. "Germany needs high-speed networks. Germany needs broadband for everyone. And now rather than later." He also took competitors to task: "Our competitors do nothing but moan and groan. Sometimes they complain that the prices they pay for our network are too high. Sometimes they say that we have the wrong technology. Then build-out is too slow, they claim. But as soon as we have completed it, these critics are only too happy to use our network. Moaning won't build a network. Better to invest than criticize." Deutsche Telekom has laid more optical fiber cable than any other company in Germany.

The company also sees digitization as a great opportunity, even if other people are troubled by it. That is why the aspect of digital responsibility had been the subject of discussions since the beginning of this year, continued H?ttges. And while Telekom did not have all the answers, it did have experts on hand who work in this field every day.

Positive response
Shareholders were very happy with Deutsche Telekom's results. "Thank you, Mr. H?ttges. We are seeing a Telekom that is competitive, customer-friendly and efficient," said one during the general debate.

Profit from growth
H?ttges also told shareholders they would continue to benefit from the growth of Deutsche Telekom in the future and confirmed the forecast through 2018. "We have an answer for the digital future in each of our segments. We deliver innovations. We have a clear strategy, which we are implementing. To increase your dividend."