OREANDA-NEWS. PJSC MTS announces the decisions reached at the meeting of the Board of Directors (“BoD” or “the Board”) held on July 29, 2016.104884At the meeting, the Board took the following decisions:
  • To set September 30, 2016, as the date of the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders (“the EGM”);
  • To set the record date for the Company’s shareholders entitled to participate in the EGM for September 5, 2016;
  • To recommend that the EGM approves semi-annual dividends of RUB 11.99 per ordinary MTS share (RUB 23.98 per ADR), or a total of RUB 23.96 billion (RUB 23,960,595,084.25), based on H1 2016 financial results;
  • To recommend that the EGM set the record date for shareholders entitled to receive dividends for H1 2016 for October 14, 2016;
  • Approval of the cost for audit services;
  • Approval of the agenda for the EGM, as well as procedures surrounding the preparation and organization of the EGM, which will include approval of participation of MTS PJSC in non-profit organizations; and
  • Approval of certain related-party transactions.
Mobile TeleSystems PJSC (“MTS” - NYSE:MBT; MOEX:MTSS) is the leading telecommunications group in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. We provide wireless Internet access and fixed voice, broadband and pay-TV to over 100 million customers who value high quality of service at a competitive price. Our wireless and fixed-line networks deliver best-in-class speeds and coverage throughout Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Belarus. To keep pace with evolving customer demand, we continue to grow through innovative products, investments in our market-leading retail platform, mobile payment services, e-commerce and IT solutions.