OREANDA-NEWS The West will not dare to inflict sanctions on Russia in really sensitive areas like operating systems. This was stated by economist Mikhail Khazin.

According to the expert, all the sanctions that the US and the EU could impose against Russia relatively painlessly for themselves have already been put into effect. Technological restrictions aimed at slowing down the economic development of the Russian Federation are no exception.

Khazin considers the possibility of blocking devices on iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and Windows (Microsoft) platforms in Russia to be the most sensitive of possible sanctions. However, gadgets on them function even in the Crimea, which has long been under sanctions.

"If we talk about things that can really cause consequences – for example, to ban Android systems in Russia. But you know, she even works in Crimea. I just don't see what they can do. Another example is that this morning both the ruble and our shares went up. It follows that people and businesses do not really believe that this is all serious. This is how life works," Khazin said.

Western countries are afraid of the consequences of their own sanctions for the economy in the face of a colossal increase in inflation and the constant risk of a global financial collapse. That is why, according to Khazin, the US and the EU will not dare to hit Russia's pain points like operating systems on which the overwhelming number of computers, smartphones and other devices operate.

"Banning the use of Windows or Apple computers in Russia would be a real problem. But I have a suspicion that this will not happen. When your system is operating in an exorbitant mode, when the entire economy is in the red zone, you don't know what the reaction will be even to the smallest impact. A large avalanche can be caused by a small pebble. And the Western economy is already ready for a collapse. In the USA and Western Europe, by the way, industrial inflation is already 25%. I would not be in their place, but would behave more quietly," Khazin said on the Solovyov LIVE YouTube channel.