OREANDA-NEWSBrussels, following London, intends to limit the access of the Chinese corporation Huawei to the launch of the fifth generation mobile communications network (5G) in the European Union. This was reported on Wednesday by the Financial Times, citing sources related to the development by the community of rules for 5G networks.

According to the draft EU plan in this area, companies whose activities see risks to national security won't be allowed to access critical infrastructure. These include Huawei and ZTE. EU member states have already agreed on measures regarding certification of equipment, diversification of suppliers and control over companies with a high degree of risk, the publication notes. Moreover, in accordance with the recommendations of the authors of the proposals, each state that is a member of the European Union should develop its own specific security measures in the field of communications.

The EU rules, approved by the European Commission, have been developed by a group of security experts from all EU member states amid "growing concerns about the impact of China and Huawei on critical infrastructure", the newspaper said.

Nevertheless, Huawei will be allowed to supply equipment for non-key 5G infrastructure, which will expand the number of 5G operators and reduce the dependence of European telecommunications companies on the main suppliers - the Swedish company Ericsson and the Finnish Nokia.