OREANDA-NEWS. Former mayor of Arkhangelsk Alexander Donskoy took part in the filming of a video that contains references to the Black lives matter (BLM) movement. The corresponding video was posted on the Instagram of the former mayor.

The footage captures how an ex-official in the uniform of a US police officer washes the feet of an African American with Coca-Cola, who is sitting in a chair at the same time.

When the black man's leg turns white as a result of water procedures, the American cop kisses her. Then the video shows how a dark-skinned man presses this "law enforcement officer" with his knee.

The video also contains a call to Stop war. Make love (Stop the war. Make love).

As the former politician explained in an interview with the radio station "Moscow speaking", with the help of this video he wanted to draw attention to the infringement of the rights of the white population of the United States.

“After the murder of a black policeman, there was a reaction that it was necessary to give more rights to the colored population. The distortions have gone - we need to give more roles in films to blacks, more jobs. There was genocide against various minorities, including the colored population of the United States. Now, in my opinion, there is a reverse genocide of the white population. I am against any distortions, I draw attention to this in my performances. I started posting them six months ago, they are quite tough, ”he said.

According to Donskoy, because of this, his Instagram account was deleted.

“Now we can only talk about defending the rights of blacks - in my opinion, this is wrong, because whites also need to be protected. Now there is a wild growth of crime in America. If there are blacks hitting the windows, robbing - no one interferes, ”he continued.

The ex-mayor also said that he does performances in different countries.

“If I see injustice, I highlight it,” said Donskoy.

He added that a similar situation is observed in South Africa.