OREANDA-NEWSThe wider adoption of the next-generation 5G network will significantly increase the number of traditional attacks that providers have faced in recent years. This is stated in the report Hi-Tech Crime Trends, prepared on Friday by the company in the field of investigation and prevention of cybercrime Group-IB.

The company reports that due to the large number of connected devices and wide bandwidth, the power and frequency of DDoS attacks will significantly increase. "Proxying is another popular fraud method. By turning compromised devices into proxies, attackers can take action from a large pool of IP addresses. Connecting IoT devices related to the Internet of Things to 5G networks will significantly increase the number of insecure devices that can "Distribution of malware through hacked devices is also a popular practice, and it will only scale with the development of 5G networks", the report said.

It's also noted that the architectural features of 5G (in contrast to the 1/2/3/4G communication generations) consist in the fact that the super speeds and other advantages of the new technology are realized to a greater extent due to software platforms, rather than equipment. This means that all threats to server and software solutions become relevant for 5G operators.