OREANDA-NEWSThe Chinese telecommunications corporation Huawei plans to open several production centers in Europe to create equipment to support the work of the fifth generation mobile communication systems (5G) in the EU. This was reported on Wednesday by the French media with reference to the statement of Huawei Vice President for Europe Abraham Liu.

“Huawei is committed to working with Europe more than ever. That's why we decided that we want to create production centers in Europe - so the equipment for creating 5G for Europe will be produced in Europe”, he said.

According to the agency, the company hopes that the construction of the centers will help convince EU countries to abandon tough measures restricting Huawei’s access to 5G in Europe. It's noted that Huawei especially hopes for support from Germany. Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel opposed the fundamental exclusion of Huawei in the implementation of 5G.

On January 29, the European Commission published a roadmap for creating 5G systems in EU countries. The document said that the EU will restrict foreign companies from participating in the creation of this system, guided by the principles of national security.