OREANDA-NEWS. The members of the Federation Council of Russia submitted to the State Duma a bill for blocking users of e-mail services and instant messengers who spread prohibited by law information.

“In order to extend to electronic mail services the responsibilities imposed by the current legal regulation on messengers, the new edition of the law establishes a common concept for them: the messaging service organizer. In addition, corresponding amendments are made to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses, providing administrative responsibility of these service organizers”, Andrei Klishas, the chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council on Constitutional Law, one of the authors of the project, said.

At the same time, the legal regulation of correspondence restrictions will be adjusted. The senator explained that, as practice shows, it is more effective to block the user himself, not his messages.

Klishas emphasized that, according to the bill, the provisions that obligate owners of messaging services to check the contents of e-mails and evaluate their legitimacy are contrary to the Constitution of Russia, and they will be excluded from the law. “The bill will entrust the operator with the obligation solely to block the transmission of electronic messages by the user and only on the basis of information and the requirements of the authorized federal executive body. This change will not only counteract threats more effectively, but also ensure that the rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution are respected,” the politician resumed.