OREANDA-NEWS. The Kazakh authorities tried to block the Internet using DPI equipment (Deep Packet Inspection), which is also used in Russia to filter traffic under the law on "sovereign Internet". This is reported by Forbes, citing three sources.

“Using DPI, local authorities tried to block instant messengers and VPN protocols,” said Stanislav Shakirov, technical director of Roskomsvoboda. Other sources noted that only point blocking was successful in this way.

According to the newspaper, the equipment of the Israeli IT company Allot has been installed on the networks of Kazakhstani operators. One of the sources explained that the largest operator, Kazakhtelecom, bought this equipment for its own purposes and it turned out to be “not sharpened” for blocking.

The interlocutors added that the authorities of the country failed to completely restrict Internet access using DPI. As a result of the complete shutdown of the Internet, it was necessary to achieve "almost manually", concluded one of the sources of the publication.

Mass protests in Kazakhstan began on January 2 due to the rise in gas prices to 120 tenge and quickly escalated into riots and clashes with the police. Internet access was restricted for several days in a row in the country's cities, including Almaty and Nur-Sultan. Users complained about the inability to access sites via both wired and mobile internet.

Later, access to the network was periodically restored. For the past few days, the Internet has been available for residents of the country for only a few hours in the morning.