OREANDA-NEWS Russian authorized Apple service centers are experiencing a shortage of parts needed to repair the iPhone, Izvestia reports.

Most notably, there has been a shortage of screens and batteries, so repairs, which would normally take five days or more to complete on the same day. For example, NB Service sends a damaged gadget to the Apple representative office where the battery is replaced and then sends it back to the service center.

According to chief analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin, now Apple smartphones are often refused for repair because the screens are finished, as well as other components for some models.

However, while previously imported Apple smartphones must be repaired under warranty, in the case of gadgets that came to Russia "parallel imports", things are different - they are not covered by Apple warranty. If there are any problems with these smartphones, the importer or seller will be responsible for them. Representatives of retailers told Izvestia that they fulfill all warranty obligations in full.