OREANDA-NEWS Chinese and Russian spies often listen to the conversations of US President Donald Trump, when to chat with old friends, he uses his unprotected iPhone. This is with reference to current and former US officials reported by the New York Times (NYT), noting that this, in particular, according to reports of us intelligence. Beijing, as the newspaper notes, uses the information to try to influence US policy.

The fact that Trump calls from an unprotected iPhone are unsafe, the US President, according to NYT sources, repeatedly warned his assistants. However, the American leader, as noted by the interlocutors of the newspaper, still does not want to give up the use of a smartphone. In this regard, the White house staff can only hope that while using the iPhone Trump will refrain from discussing classified information, writes NYT.

The fact that China and Russia are listening to the mobile phone of the US President, US intelligence agencies, according to newspaper sources, learned from interlocutors from foreign governments. Subsequently, they themselves intercepted the relevant messages from foreign officials, the publication points out.

During the investigation of these incidents, US intelligence, according to the NYT, found that China is trying to use the information obtained by wiretapping and thus determines what Trump thinks, what arguments tend to influence him and to whom he is inclined to listen.

As for lobbying and espionage, the Chinese, as the newspaper's interlocutors told, have already compiled a list of persons with whom the American leader regularly speaks. These people Beijing, according to sources of the edition, hoped to use subsequently for influence on the President. In the list, as noted by the New York times, the Executive Director of the Blackstone Group, Steven A. Schwartzman, who invested in the master's program of Tsinghua University in Beijing, and the former casino magnate in Las Vegas, Steve Wynn, who owned real estate in Macau.

Russia, as noted in an interview with the newspaper one of the unnamed officials, such efforts to influence Trump is not taking. Most likely, this is due to Trump's obvious proximity to Russian President Vladimir Putin.