30.06.2022, 13:35
Russian President Vladimir Putin does not agree with the opinion on the need to abolish existing international law.
29.06.2022, 17:16
Media: U.S. did not Offer Turkey Anything in Exchange for NATO Enlargement
29.06.2022, 16:53
Stoltenberg: NATO will Ensure Ukraine's Rearmament from Soviet to Alliance Standards
29.06.2022, 16:12
Russian Foreign Ministry Demands Norway to Promptly Resolve Blockage of Cargoes to Spitsbergen
29.06.2022, 14:20
Bastrykin Proposed to Set up International Tribunal for Crimes of Kiev Regime
29.06.2022, 12:31
Russia Hopes to Participate in Tribunal for Ukrainian Crimes in Donbas
29.06.2022, 11:27
Belgian Prime Minister: NATO has Told Zelensky of a Military Solution to the Conflict in Ukraine
28.06.2022, 15:31
The leaders of France and Germany claimed that "Russia must not win".
22.06.2022, 16:17
Media: EU Fears Famine and Migration from Africa Due to Situation in Ukraine
22.06.2022, 12:41
State Duma Proposes Rosgvardiya to Improve the Image with the Help of Video Games
21.06.2022, 15:00
The European Union is going to continue putting pressure on the Russian Federation despite the damage that anti-Russian sanctions cause to its own countries.
17.06.2022, 17:48
Portugal is ready to provide Kyiv with instructors to train the Ukrainian military.
17.06.2022, 16:54
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the losses of the European economy from the sanctions imposed against Russia could exceed $400 billion.
17.06.2022, 13:41

Ukraine has got a recommendation for being granted the status of a candidate for EU membership.

16.06.2022, 16:19
Russia Urged Turkey to Abandon Military Operation in Northern Syria


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