OREANDA-NEWS. Russia rejects the "unfounded fabrications of individual journalists" about the involvement of the Colonial Pipeline, a pipeline operator in the United States, in the cyber-hack. This was announced by the embassy in Washington.

Diplomats drew attention to the attempts of the American media to link Moscow to the incident, although US President Joe Biden previously said that the White House did not have such information.

A message from the diplomatic mission on Facebook says: "At the same time, the American authorities blame the incident on the DarkSide criminal group and do not associate it with specific countries. We categorically reject the baseless fabrications of individual journalists and reiterate that Russia does not conduct" malicious "operations in virtual space ".

It is recalled that the hacker attack on the company's systems was carried out on May 7. Due to the incident, the largest operator in the eastern part of the United States temporarily suspended its activities. In connection with the attack by hackers, the authorities declared a state of emergency on a regional scale; it affected 17 states and the District of Columbia.

American media reported that the attack was organized by the DarkSide group, which includes Eastern European hackers. Biden said the attackers may be in Russia, but the authorities have no indication of Moscow's involvement.