OREANDA-NEWS. “Voentelecom” operator controlled by the Ministry of Defense, according to Roskomnadzor registry, received a virtual operator license (Mobile Virtual Network, MVNO) for five years to work throughout the country. The main difference from other operators is enhanced network security.

The MVNO of “Voentelecom” will operate on Tele2 networks. The connection is meant for residents of military camps and may be extended to all military servicemen in the country that are in the coverage area of the networks in which it will work, confirms a federal official.

Full MVNO means that nothing is taken from the basic operator except frequencies and towers, explains Vitaly Sattarov, founder of “Ubic” (company engaged in processing and analyzing big data). This model gives full control over the network and data, allows talking with more security, implementing different protection and encryption systems, and also development independent from the basic operator.

With substantial investments, it is realistic to provide additional protection for the network, for example, with cryptography. Traffic will be coming to one server, where it will be re-encrypted and sent further already updated, to a secure network, say two employees of different virtual operators.

In March, a law was passed in Russia restricting the use of smartphones and Internet by military men. In particular, the law prohibits military and recruits from carrying smartphones when they are in military operations, on combat duty, on the territory of a military unit and in some other situations. They also can not write on the Internet about peculiar features of the service, about their former colleagues and relatives.

If a company creates a full-fledged virtual operator, it can literally change the services for the subscriber in any way, as confirmed by two employees of different virtual operators. It can restrict access to the Internet - block access to certain resources completely or when they fall into a separate zone (conditionally, a military unit). Also, via MVNO a location can be monitored, one can track it separately or block some services based on it, specialists say.

MVNO "Voentelecom" can become one of the largest in the country, if it works with the military - it is a big niche, says Konstantin Ankilov, CEO of “TMT Consulting” company. The full potential of the military MVNO is still associated with the support of the Ministry of Defense - it can effectively spread if the ministry gives direct recommendations to the staff or, for example, introduces a regulation on which the military will be more securely connected.