OREANDA-NEWSThe fifth-annual Natural Gas for High Horsepower (HHP) Summit officially opens today at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago. Global leaders in the marine, rail, mining, drilling, pressure pumping, and off-pipeline power generation sectors have convened for an in-depth discussion on the environmental and long-term economic benefits of using natural gas to displace diesel fuel. Conference sessions are will focus on the continued growth and opportunity of natural gas for high horsepower applications, while the expo hall will showcase the latest advancements in natural gas technology solutions.

Since its inception, the HHP Summit has served as the meeting place for high horsepower industry stakeholders to share insights from early adopter projects, discuss opportunities to collaborate on infrastructure and technology advancements, and to drive real, tangible progress in the natural gas market. Leaders in this space are expected to speak about the significant opportunity high-fuel-use operations still have to reduce their fuel costs and mitigate long-term price volatility despite today's low oil prices.

"Beyond the economic benefits, clean-burning natural gas provides a cost-effective solution to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations, not to mention an opportunity to be a more responsible and sustainable business operation," noted Erik Neandross, CEO of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates, the clean transportation and energy consulting firm that produces the conference. "The leaders in our industry, including HHP Summit's presenting sponsors, Caterpillar, Chart and Pivotal LNG agree $50/barrel is simply not sustainable for the global oil market and are therefore continuing to invest in natural gas solutions to provide long-term value to their customers."

Over the course of the HHP Summit, taking place October 11-13, speakers will focus on educating HHP operators on the economic and environmental value proposition of natural gas and giving them the tools, resources and information needed to consider a transition of their own operations. Program highlights include:

Keynotes and Featured Speakers: Industry leaders will provide insight from industry executives on opportunities for growth in today's natural gas market and how natural gas can provide high horsepower sectors a long-term competitive business advantage.

Real-World Natural Gas Case Studies: From new LNG production plants to multi-vessel deployment projects, executives from the marine, rail, mining, and utility sectors will provide insight on demonstration project plans and results; discuss the value of fuel price stability, predictability, and risk mitigation as oil prices creep back up; and the continued focus on environmental drivers -- regulatory and sustainability.Expo Hall: The show floor will offer access to the industry's largest display of natural gas engines, equipment and technology. Attendees will get hands-on access to the latest technology and have the opportunity to talk to representatives about engine and equipment specifications before making an investment.

HHP Summit is North America's largest and most comprehensive conference and expo focused on the environmental and economic benefits of natural gas for marine, mining, rail, drilling, pressure pumping, and remote power generation operations.