Alternative energy

01.07.2022, 11:05
Japan Announces Electricity Saving Regime for First Time in Seven Years
22.06.2022, 14:59
IEA Estimates $2.4 Trillion Investment in Energy Sector in 2022
18.03.2022, 10:28
The project aims to link the two countries and reduce Europe's dependence on gas supplies from Russia.
25.01.2022, 16:34
Power supply has been partially restored in Bishkek.
25.01.2022, 14:02
"The green energy transition" will have a major impact on the global economy - right down to changes in eating habits, McKinsey estimates.
14.09.2021, 17:50
Alternative fuels will not cost less than traditional, this opinion was expressed by Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Secretary of the State Council Igor Levitin at the international forum "Innovative technologies and intelligent transport systems in road construction".
30.06.2021, 16:28

In recent years, coal-fired power plants have been closed there, and production using renewable energy sources has been strengthened.

29.01.2021, 14:59

Russia is at risk of losing it's largest buyer with shipments of more than $289 million a year.

19.01.2021, 10:43

The Ministry of Energy has already agreed on this proposal with colleagues from the Ministry of Economic Development.

21.02.2020, 12:20
Rosatom is very pleased with the Belarusian builders, said the President of Belarus
07.11.2019, 14:39
The companies will collaborate in the development of energy management solutions and the implementation of renewable energy projects in the USA and Latin America
14.10.2019, 13:31
This provides support for 250 MW of renewable energy production capacity
19.08.2019, 08:53
According to media reports, all five companies expressed a desire to participate in the competition
16.03.2018, 05:51
One of the problems with current solar cells is that the best materials to convert sunlight into power also contain toxic levels of lead. New research may solve the issue and save money.
15.02.2018, 10:27
Despite one hurricane, one winter storm and wave heights of up to 8,2 meters, Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating wind farm, performed better than expected in its first 3 full months in production.


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