OREANDA-NEWS.  The survey showed that all national companies are able to handle business optimization and they show equal dynamics of transformation, but there are some leaders among them. 

Kazakhstani agency “Rating+” has carried out its survey to determine national companies which successfully optimized business in conditions of unfavorable financial and economic situation.

The highest grade (7) has been assigned to the national gas operator, JSC “KazTransGas”. Then JSC “Kazpost” (7), JSC “Samruk Energy”, JSC NC “KazMunaiGas” 6.9 points each. 

“Remaining companies were rated as “average” and obtained 6.7 points in average within the accuracy of 4%. Thus there are no certain leaders and outsiders” – noted experts.

The most interesting conclusion of experts is that there is no single concept of “transformation” in national companies – each company determines purposes, tasks and results at its own discretion.

For one company transformation is the optimization of business processes, for other – cost reduction, for another – staff training and for the fourth is the set of indexes which slightly relate to transformation.

As reported in the survey JSC “Kazpost” distinguished by introduction of information technologies, “Samruk Energy” – optimization of business processes, JSC “KazMunaiGas” – accurate financial operations and liquidation of “ballast” in conditions of low prices of oil. According to analysts the winning factor for winning of JSC «KazTransGas» was strong strategic management.  

Experts also state that the leadership of certain national companies based on expert assessment can relate not to the lack of work itself, but to insufficient coverage of efforts toward business transformation in difficult situation and inability to present the result.  

«Based on the results obtained all companies have own purposes for improvement and business optimization» - noted experts.

Based on the analysis experts recommend to exchange with experience, particularly in terms of “round table”, to hold scientific and scientific-practical conferences where national companies would be able to obtain leading specialists’ opinion and introduce it to business. 

The company management is recommended to examine foreign experience with further adaptation under conditions in Kazakhstan, to extrapolate the experience of national companies to subsidiary companies and to involve staff to the issue of transformation (optimization) putting it to the national level.