OREANDA-NEWS. Austria continues to support the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and expects to launch it soon. This was announced on Tuesday, December 14, by the new Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

“I expect Nord Stream 2 to start working in the near future, as planned. We rely heavily on renewable energy sources in Europe. But since we also need oil and gas, it is important that the EU countries provide energy from as many sources as possible and that they have appropriate gas pipelines, ”he said in an interview with Die Welt.

The Austrian Chancellor stressed that SP-2 is an important project ensuring the security of energy supplies to the EU.

According to him, any sanctions against the gas pipeline "will only harm the European Union." In addition, the chancellor pointed out that the SP-2 should not be used as a lever of pressure on Moscow.

Nord Stream 2 meets the interests of not only Russia, but also Germany, Austria and other EU countries will benefit from the construction of this gas pipeline, "Nehammer said.

Earlier, on December 13, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg expressed the opinion that attempts by European politicians to question the Nord Stream 2 project are unreasonable. Also during a meeting of the heads of the EU diplomatic departments in Brussels, he said that during discussions about Russia, one should not constantly question the implementation of this project. Moreover, SP-2 helps Europe to diversify gas supplies.

On December 12, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said that the SP-2 could not be approved, as it did not yet comply with the requirements of European energy law. She said that the problem was discussed during the talks between the foreign ministers of the EU countries.

On December 13, the minister clarified her words about the "inconsistency with the EU law" of the gas pipeline, recalling that she had in mind the decision of the EU regulator made back in November. At the same time, Stefan Koiter, a member of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee from the Alternative for Germany, told Izvestia that the German Foreign Minister is using the SP-2 project as an instrument of political negotiations.