OREANDA-NEWS. China sent an official request to Inter RAO to double the supply of electricity in the next two months - November and December. The journalists were informed about this by Alexandra PAnina, a member of the company's board - the acting head of the trading block.

"China still asked for an increase in supplies for both November and December. Their representatives have already officially addressed us with an increase in volumes. China's application will be satisfied, and almost in full," she said.

Representatives of Inter RAO also hope that this year they will be able to ensure the maximum possible volumes of electricity supplies to China. At the same time, the top manager of Intern RAO noted that the number of supplies for the next year has not yet been discussed.

"The Chinese side asked for 555 million kWh of electricity per month. We will be able to satisfy almost all of this volume. In the normal mode, 285-295 million kWh are supplied. So we can say that this amount will be almost doubled," she said. Panin.

At the beginning of October, Inter RAO informed that at the request of Chinese consumers, the level of electricity supplies to the PRC has been increased by 90% from the original plan since October 1, or, in other words, doubled compared to the same period in October 2020.

The leaders of several provinces in China, located mainly in the northeastern part of the country, are trying to solve the problem of interruptions in electricity and heating, which have been caused by shortages and high prices for coal, as well as rising prices for natural gas. Power outages are occurring despite attempts by the authorities to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce the use of coal and develop a "green economy" by all means.

It is recalled that Inter RAO is the only operator in the Russian Federation responsible for the export and import of electricity.