OREANDA-NEWS. UK-based energy company Ovo Energy has apologized to its customers. People were outraged that the heat supplier advised residents to hug pets and exercise to keep warm, the Independent reports.

According to media reports, last week the company emailed customers with a list of 10 "simple and economical ways to keep warm in winter." In addition to advice on animals and sports, the list included cleaning and drinking plenty of fluids.

This happened against the backdrop of an exacerbation of the crisis caused by the rise in the cost of living in the UK. According to experts, in April, electricity bills in British homes could rise by 5%, so many people took such advice as a mockery.

“I don’t know who developed such a marketing campaign that encourages people to wear a sweater and eat porridge instead of turning on the heating for a person even if they cannot afford it,” commented Darren Jones, MP and chairman of the business committee.

Amid the outrage, Ovo Energy apologized, saying that many customers in 2022 will find themselves in a difficult situation.

“We are working hard to find solutions as we approach the energy crisis. We sincerely apologize and are embarrassed by what happened, ”the statement reads.

Earlier in Kiev, residents of a high-rise building began to keep warm by making fires.