OREANDA-NEWS  An employee of the German tax service found a lost declaration on Gazprom's donations to the Nord Stream—2 construction support fund and secretly burned it, Cicero writes.

Earlier, the publications of the Springer media corporation sued the former Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Erwin Zelling, who heads the Klimastiftung MV foundation. According to German media, this structure was financed from Gazprom's funds and acted as an intermediary in concluding contracts with companies ready to complete the pipeline shortly before the terrorist attacks that occurred on them.

It is clarified that all this allegedly happened in circumvention of US sanctions. According to Cicero, Gazprom donated 20 million euros to the foundation, which stated that this money was intended only for the needs of the land of Mecklenburg—Vorpommern, therefore it is not taxed.