OREANDA-NEWS Fuel prices in Russia are expected to stabilize this week. However, this does not eliminate the need to return export duties so that diesel fuel does not leave the country. About this in a conversation with Lenta.<url>," said State Duma deputy Nikolai Arefyev.

"Last week, this issue was considered in the report of the Minister of Agriculture. We were assured that prices on the world oil market will stabilize this week. The only thing I would like to point out is that we have been assured that this is not so simple. But in fact, there is no difficulty in this. It is necessary to establish protective duties on the export of cheap fuel abroad — it's a matter of one minute," the politician believes.

In his opinion, the first thing to do is to return export duties to the level of 30 percent. He also considers it important to establish protective duties on the export of diesel fuel.

"It is necessary to abolish the mineral extraction tax, a tax that increases the cost of petroleum products within the country. There is nowhere that fuel prices in the country are higher than on the world market," Arefyev said. — We have imposed an export ban, but the budget rule works. The ban was not imposed completely, but only limited, and oil and petroleum products have been exported and are currently being exported."

Earlier it was reported that the Russian government allowed the transportation of petroleum products, which Transneft and Russian Railways were going to export before the export ban was imposed, on September 21. The corresponding resolution was signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin.