OREANDA-NEWS. The European Union and, in particular, Germany ignore the interests of Ukraine and pursue only their own goals, Ukrainian political expert Taras Zagorodny said on the air of the Nash TV channel.

“We must understand one thing: most likely, nothing will change in Germany after the elections to the Bundestag. Therefore, all hopes that the Greens will win, who will stop Nord Stream 2 or something else, they have not actually come true, they have already decided, "Zagorodny noted.

In his opinion, the improvement of relations with Russia for Germany "has already begun."

“First of all, we need to draw conclusions: what they tell us about European values ​​and so on is bullshit,” the expert said. He called for a shift to pragmatic relations with Germany and the European Union, as well as a sober assessment of everything that Western partners say to Ukraine.

“To put pressure on them, first of all, on the economic plane, because relations with the European Union look like a “metropolis-colony,” he said, adding that resources are being siphoned out of the country and their interests are being imposed.

“They take cheap Russian gas for themselves, to lower prices from their industry, but they tell us: you take hydrogen for yourself, for which there is no infrastructure, no equipment," Zagorodny said indignantly.

By now, Germany is an ally of Russia, and Ukraine in the situation with Nord Stream 2 has been frankly "abandoned," the political scientist summed up.