OREANDA-NEWS. The price of electricity in Russia is now 20 times lower than in Europe. This was announced on Friday, December 24, by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak on the air of the Russia 24 TV channel.

He said that electricity generation in Russia will grow by 6% by the end of the current year, consumption - by 5%.

According to him, the cost of electricity in Europe has grown 4-5 times due to the gas crisis "and this is not the limit." He noted that when gas starts to be used in European countries at a new cost, energy prices may rise further.

Novak stressed that “artificial pressure, including political pressure,” has led to a situation for which the population is now “forced to pay, first of all,” living in European countries, where electricity prices “are also going through the roof today.”

The Deputy Prime Minister added that now artificial pressure is being created in Europe to abandon traditional energy sources in favor of "green" ones.

“Today European politicians want to solve the problem at the same time in order to switch to the sun and wind, to abandon traditional energy sources. It's impossible. And the current situation on the gas market once again confirms this and emphasizes that it is impossible to artificially abandon traditional energy sources, ”he said.