OREANDA-NEWS Pakistan hopes that it will be able to conclude a long-term agreement with Russia on the purchase of oil for yuan. This was stated in an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday by the Federal Minister of Energy of Pakistan Khurram Dastgir Khan.

"We hope that this will become a long-term agreement in which the Pakistani rupee and Chinese yuan will be used as payment currencies," the head of the department said. - We may have to increase the size of the currency swap (an operation to buy a currency with an obligation to sell it on a certain date - approx. TASS) so that we can take advantage of other opportunities that may appear."

In January, representatives of the Governments of Pakistan and Russia reached a conceptual agreement on the supply of Russian oil and agreed to coordinate logistics, insurance, payment and export volumes before they began. Pakistan must draw up a comprehensive energy security plan. It provides for the import of oil, liquefied natural gas, pipeline gas and other fuels from Russia.

At the moment, according to Bloomberg, only one deal has been agreed on the purchase of oil by Islamabad from the Russian Federation, while the payment was made in US dollars. According to Pakistani media, a batch of oil with a volume of 100 thousand tons will be delivered from Russia to the port of Karachi in late May or early June at a discount of $16-18 per barrel.