OREANDA-NEWS. The government will create working groups to adapt the Russian economy to the global transition to alternative energy sources, writes RBC, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov will be the curator of the direction. The officials have been tasked with developing reform scenarios and identifying their risks.

It is noted that the working groups will have to prepare a forecast until 2050 and set goals for the horizon of 2030, linking a long-term strategy with current activities.

As part of the development of projects, responsibility is also distributed between the ministries for the climate and scientific spheres, restructuring of enterprises and work with the regions, the article says.

The decision to create the working groups came in June amid China's plans to tackle climate change and the EU's radical initiatives to protect its market from dirty goods. “The task is to identify the risks and opportunities of a global energy transition for the Russian economy, assess scenarios for all the forks and work out the optimal one. It is important to ensure collection of reliable data, coordination of departments, organizations and experts, ”a source close to the government described the work.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and urged to do everything necessary to minimize the damage to the planet from human activities.