OREANDA-NEWSDamascus is studying the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Washington in connection with the theft of Syrian oil resources. The adviser to the President of Syria on political affairs and the media, Buseyn Shaaban, said in an interview on Wednesday with the Pan-Arab Syrian television station based in Beirut.

"Syria is considering filing an international lawsuit against the United States over the fact that they are stealing Syrian oil", Shaaban said, adding that her country has begun exploration work in its oil fields with Russian companies. US President Donald Trump in October announced the withdrawal of the US military from the area of ​​the Turkish operation in northern Syria, but said that Washington intends to maintain control of oil fields in the north-east of the Arab Republic.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the United States is smuggling Syrian oil to other countries, and caravans are guarded by US private military companies and special forces.