OREANDA-NEWS. The Russian Ministry of Energy does not rule out the possibility of transferring electricity exports to ruble payments, but the final decision remains with Inter RAO, its supplier, RIA Novosti was told with reference to a statement by Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Snikkars. He noted that in order to implement this idea, it is necessary to first determine the principles of calculation and possibilities.

Let colleagues be defined in terms of the principles of calculation and opportunities, these are economic relationships. Let them see for themselves and decide how to do it right. We have not yet thought about this topic regarding the export of electricity,” Snikkars said.

On the eve of the newspaper The Guardian reported that protests were held in major cities in the UK against rising prices for electricity and gas.

Earlier, the press service of the British Prime Minister reported that Boris Johnson, together with the leaders of the United States, Germany, France and Italy, held telephone conversations during which they discussed reducing energy dependence on Russia. At the same time, the British leader stressed that Western countries should not weaken the measures taken against the Russian Federation in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

On March 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent an instruction to the government to issue a directive to Gazprom to change the currency of payments for natural gas in existing contracts into rubles. According to the president, the changes will affect only the payment currency in which subsequent payments will be made.