OREANDA-NEWS. The Polish energy company PGNiG, which is one of Gazprom's main competitors in Europe, will sign a contract with the Ukrainian company Energy Resources of Ukraine on gas production in the country. This became known from a publication on the official website of PGNiG.

«For the last five years, we have been actively trading natural gas in Ukraine. We not only started selling gas to the Ukrainian market, but also gained access to the Ukrainian gas transmission network and Ukrainian gas storage facilities, which increased the opportunities for optimizing natural gas trade», said Pavel Mayevsky, President of PGNiG.

The company plans to start producing Ukrainian gas in the second half of 2022, but if PGNiG manages to find gas with a high methane content, the deadlines will be postponed to 2023, Mayevsky added. Under the terms of the agreement, PGNiG will become the owner of 85% of the shares of the Ukrainian company «Karpatgazdobycha», which is the sole owner of the «Biblivska» concession on the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Earlier, PGNiG applied for participation in the certification procedure for «Nord Stream — 2» The company's management believes that the Russian gas pipeline will harm the energy security of the EU and individual states.