OREANDA-NEWS. Lithuania and Moldova are betraying Ukraine by buying energy resources from Russia, said Vadim Rabinovich, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the «Opposition Platform - For Life» party.

Recently, according to Rabinovich’s post on Facebook, Moldova and Lithuania simply fled and betrayed Ukraine. The first entered into a five-year contract with Gazprom immediately after Kiev gave her 1 million cubic meters of gas, and the second bought electricity from Russia, although before that she had urged Ukraine not to do the same.

In another post, the deputy lamented that electricity prices in his country rose by 25% due to Russia's refusal to supply coal, heat and electricity.

Recall that the Moldovan Infrastructure Ministry announced an agreement with Gazprom to extend the contract for gas supplies to the republic for five years according to the formula proposed by the Moldovan side and to audit the «Moldovagaz» debt. As indicated in the department, the supply of blue fuel under the new contract will begin on November 1.

The price of Russian gas for Moldova under a new contract with Gazprom may rise to $ 500-600 per thousand cubic meters, the new contract between Moldova and Gazprom provides for the payment of the republic's historical debt for gas supplies in past years.