OREANDA-NEWS The Ukrainian government has decided to abandon Russian nuclear fuel. This was announced on March 11 by the Telegram channel of Energoatom, the Ukrainian national energy company. Before that, Ukraine stated that, if necessary, partners from the United States would help it. Now supplies to the country are also coming from the American company Westinghouse.

In case of abandonment of Russian fuel, Energoatom will negotiate with Westinghouse to increase the production of the resource for export. But Ukrainians themselves plan to develop this industry.

"The company will accelerate work on the creation of fuel cartridge production in Ukraine based on the American Westinghouse technology," Energoatom representatives assured on Facebook.

The units at Ukrainian nuclear power plants are designed for the use of Russian fuel assemblies, the contract for the supply of which between the countries is concluded until 2025. But since 2014, the Ukrainian government has begun a gradual transition to American assemblies from Westinghouse. And in the summer of 2021, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed a memorandum on joint construction with Westinghouse of a new power unit for the Khmelnitsky NPP.

Earlier, The Secret wrote that the price of reference uranium Ux U3O8 rose to $59 per pound and became the highest since 2011 — since the Fukushima accident. Experts explain such an increase in prices by the huge demand due to possible sanctions against Russia.