Atomic industry

07.04.2022, 12:45

The British energy security strategy provides for the expansion of the use of nuclear energy.

11.03.2022, 14:14
The Ukrainian government has decided to abandon Russian nuclear fuel.
27.12.2021, 16:08
This is due to abnormally low temperatures in the gas supply areas of Russia.
08.12.2021, 14:51
The meeting of the Joint Commission of Iran and the «five» international mediators — Russia, Great Britain, Germany, China and France, will be held on December 9.
27.09.2021, 14:50
Czech President Milos Zeman signed a law that excludes the participation of Russian and Chinese companies in the construction of a new power unit at the Dukovany nuclear power plant (in the south-east of the country).
16.09.2021, 13:37
Chinese manufacturer has won a competition for the construction of two nuclear power plant buildings for the needs of the Baim Mining and Processing Plant.
01.06.2021, 16:29
The planned production of uranium ended in 1990 in Germany, but continued further development and curtailment of production.
27.04.2021, 15:12

Verkhovna Rada deputy Roman Kostenko suggested aiming Ukrainian missiles at Russian nuclear facilities. He made such a proposal on the air of "Channel 4".

26.04.2021, 17:23

This opinion was expressed by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

04.01.2021, 17:30

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said that production has started at Fordow nuclear facility.

05.08.2020, 17:48

The construction of the uranium ore concentrate plant is of concern to the United States.

06.07.2020, 11:53

According to the publication, a fire at a low-enriched uranium production plant located in the Iranian city of Natanz, which occurred last week, could be a result of sabotage.

03.07.2020, 15:24
The situation with the coronavirus infection has not broken the plan of the enterprise of the state corporation Rosatom.
29.06.2020, 14:13

“It is not possible to pinpoint the source because of the limited amount of data. At the moment, the country of origin cannot be determined,” the experts said.

22.05.2020, 15:54

It has become the 11th industrially operated nuclear power plant in the country and the northernmost in the world.


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