OREANDA-NEWS. Kiev has suspended the import of electricity from Minsk since Wednesday, February 23. This is reported by TASS with reference to the information of the European Network of System Operators for Electricity Transmission (ENTSO-E).

In accordance with the application, Ukraine receives 0 MW from Belarus. According to the operator of the energy system of Ukraine "Ukrenergo", similar values ​​are observed.

A day earlier, on February 22, Belarus was still delivering electricity. Values ​​up to the maximum possible 900 MW were recorded.

Now Ukraine does not receive electricity from abroad in other directions. In addition, there is no export of energy resources to other countries.

At the moment, it is not known exactly how long the supply of electricity to Ukraine will be absent.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine will be disconnected from the Russian power grid for 72 hours at the end of February. After that, Ukraine will again connect to the Russian-Belarusian energy system. The Russian System Operator of the Unified Energy System confirmed this information - Moscow is cooperating with Kiev.

It was also noted that Belarus provides electricity to Ukraine as an emergency aid.