OREANDA-NEWS  In 2022, China imported 40% more passenger cars to Russia than a year earlier. The number of imported cars amounted to 117 thousand. As the Federal Customs Service told RIA Novosti, China has become the leading importer to Russia in this sector.

The import of trucks from China to Russia by the end of 2022 amounted to almost 31 thousand units. Over the year, the indicator has increased four times compared to the previous one. In addition, last year China imported 2 thousand buses and minibuses to Russia (an increase of 68%). Also, 3 thousand units of special purpose vehicles (for example, emergency and fire trucks, cranes, concrete mixers, etc.) were imported to Russia — three times more than a year earlier. The number of Chinese tractors imported into the Russian Federation has not changed and amounted to 89 thousand.

According to Autostat, sales of new passenger cars in Russia last year collapsed by 59% compared to the previous year. The indicator amounted to 626.3 thousand units. Most often, Russians bought domestic brands, the Korean car industry was in second place (19.5% of sales), and the Chinese (19.2%) was in third place. European brands accounted for 8.5% of the Russian market.

According to the Customs Administration of China, the total volume of trade turnover between Russia and China by the end of 2022 rose by 29.3% to a record $190.271 billion.