OREANDA-NEWS  The shearer crab has fallen in price in Russia to 500-600 rubles against the background of sanctions, but there is no demand for it due to the lack of a consumer culture that cannot be created fast. This is reported by RBC with reference to Ivan Mikhnov, president of the Antey group, one of the largest crab producers in the country.

He said that they do not buy crabs, despite the fact that they are of good quality and cost consumers less than crayfish. "Today Russia could eat a very cheap and normal crab," the businessman complained.

As the journalists recalled, until 2022, the United States was one of the main buyers of crabs from Russian producers. Exports of products that entered the American market, including through third countries, such as the Netherlands, were stopped due to sanctions. If earlier, when catching a crab of about 95-96 thousand tons, about 75 thousand were exported, then in 2022 only 59 thousand were sent abroad, it follows from the statistics of Rosrybolovstvo.

After the sanctions were imposed, companies engaged in crab mining in Russia found themselves in a difficult situation, including due to worn-out infrastructure that hinders exports to China. It was noted that in the country the requirements for product quality are higher, and it is much more difficult to fulfill them. In particular, live crabs are in demand there.