OREANDA-NEWS. New buildings in large cities of Russia in 2021 have risen in price by an average of 32%, to 93.6 thousand rubles per sq. m. This is stated in the message of the portal "World of apartments", which was received by the editorial office of "Izvestia" on Tuesday, January 11.

Price sq. m rose in all 70 studied cities with a population of more than 300 thousand people.

Most of all, sq. M. Has risen in price. m. in Sochi - almost twice - up to 296.6 thousand rubles for one "square".

“This happened because of the moratorium on new construction, which was announced in the city. The supply of new apartments was quickly reduced, and the remaining developers rushed to raise the price level almost to the level of the capital's real estate, ”the report says.

In second place is Krasnodar, where the rise in prices for the year amounted to 83.4%. The ten most expensive cities included Murmansk (+ 60.3%), Ulan-Ude (+ 53.2%), Tver (+ 52.1%), Novokuznetsk (+ 51.3%), Kaliningrad (+49.9 %), Chita (+ 49.3%), Omsk (+ 47.7%) and Belgorod (+ 47%).

At the same time, in Moscow, the "square" has risen in price by 26.5%, to 310,890 rubles, in the Moscow region - by + 39.6%, to 155,466 rubles, in St. Petersburg - by 31.3%, to 197,423 rubles and in the Leningrad region - by 36.9%, up to 130,188 rubles.