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18.05.2022, 16:03
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced the government's decision to increase the maximum size of preferential and family mortgages.
02.05.2022, 17:16
Turkey's Antalya is experiencing a boom in property prices due to demand from foreigners.
02.05.2022, 12:32
The State Duma is developing a bill that provides for a double tax deduction when buying a home.
19.04.2022, 13:15
The Russians who left the country began to massively rent apartments in the near and far abroad, which is why rental prices have increased markedly.
19.04.2022, 11:22
Sales of Russian developers in April, compared with March figures, sank twice.
06.04.2022, 13:53
In large cities of Russia, the supply of apartments for rent in February and March 2022 increased by 50%.
30.03.2022, 13:34
Buyers of new buildings will not be able to collect fines from developers who delay the completion of the house until the end of 2022.
14.03.2022, 14:07
Renting land for one ruble for three years is a new measure of support in the Moscow region.
10.02.2022, 14:13
Rental rates for long-term rental housing in Russia in 2021 increased by 14% compared to 2020.
21.01.2022, 14:19
The Spanish government will pay 250 euros monthly to young Spaniards who are under 35 years old.
11.01.2022, 16:20
New buildings in large cities of Russia in 2021 have risen in price by an average of 32%, to 93.6 thousand rubles per sq. m.
18.11.2021, 16:43
The Russians talked about which cities in the country they would like to move to for work.
17.11.2021, 13:44
The head of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East spoke about the construction of a new resort near Vladivostok, which will be able to replace the Crimea and Krasnodar Territory for tourists.
11.10.2021, 16:40
Moscow rental housing has risen in price due to the reduction in supply
22.09.2021, 10:32
Large business companies have started using online services for organizing business trips for their employees.


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